About Us

Full Customized Service

You can launch with a single signature product or utilise our entire product range, we will guide you through from design to deployment phase.


We believe in quality work that delivers results at a reasonable investment.

Performance Driven

Our team continually upgrades through research and development to provide you with new and exciting products.


From low minumum order quantities to large scale production, we will cater to your business needs and progresses.

White Label PRoduction

Extensive Assistance

We provide the best facilities, resources and support in establishing your unique line of products. We are dedicated to helping you from start to finish with all your product white label needs.

Ready-to-Market Products

All you need to do is market your white label products. We have already formulated, tested and certified to safety and quality, there is no need to worry about the manufacturing or regulatory aspects of the industry.

Contract Manufacturing

Efficient Production

From start to finish, our full scale production department takes pride in producing the highest quality cosmetics. Our inventory of small and large filling capacity equipment allows us to handle all levels of production demands.

Bulk Manufacturing

We have the facilities and resources to handle bulk order. We also strive to secure our operation preconditions in the long term by acting responsibly towards our stakeholders, society and the environment by utilizing less environmental load package and raw materials.

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Biolab Holdings Singapore Pte Ltd
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#04-01 Citilink Complex
Singapore 118529
Hotline: +65 - 9021-4286
Tel: +65- 6275-1060